Supa IGA

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Today IGA is the world's largest voluntary supermarket network with over 5,000 stores in over 30 countries. IGA was brought to Australia by Davids Holdings in 1988 when 10 stores initially became members of IGA. In more recent times independent retailers have come to realise the benefits of uniting together under one brand, and today there are over 1400 IGA stores in the country. IGA stands for Independent Grocers of Australia and the logo represents a standard of consistency of operation in the industry, and more importantly to IGA customers. So while the offer may differ in each of the channels, and the stores may be of different sizes, IGA customers can be assured that they are shopping IGA, and are enabling local Australian businesses to continue to be active in the community they serve. The stores supplied by Metcash Food and Grocery are grouped into channels depending on their size, range and customer profile.