Minute Masterclass: Floral Fascinator

Published on 22 September 2017

Whether you’re hitting the track for spring racing or looking for a cute activity for an upcoming hens, this floral fascinator hits the crafty mark and showcases the season’s most beautiful blooms.

Check out the video, and here’s a more detailed step-by-step guide on how you can make your own:

You will need

2-3 types of flowers in complimentary colours and tones

Florists wire

Florists tape


Thin metal headband


  1. Cut 3-5 heads off each type of flower, leaving a small amount of stem – around 5mm. You’ll need enough stem left to attach tape and wire to later.
  2. Insert wire up through the flower head, where the petal almost meets the stem.

  3. Gently feed the wire back down through the flower’s ‘throat’ to create a hook ­­– it should look a bit like a staple at the top.

  4. Use florists tape to seal the flower stem and bind each flower to the wire. Repeat with all flowers, so you have individually bound flowers.

  5. Begin attaching your flowers to the head band. We recommend starting two-thirds across the top on the head band, so the finished product sits to one side.

  6. Lay down one flower at a time so that they sit flush against the head band.

  7. Once all flowers are attached, cut all the remaining stems of wire short and bind to headband with tape to cover wire ends.

  8. There is no step 8 – you’re done!