6 tips for a positive exercise mindset

Published on 19 September 2017

Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson of Base Body Babes have tried all of the training fads. Over the years, the sisters have worked out what works and what doesn’t, leading them to create a specialist training program for women focused on eating healthy, building confidence and nourishing the body. And their strength and circuit-style resistance training has gotten results, with many women thanking them for their bodily transformations.

A fitness transformation doesn’t come from just a training program, though. We asked Felicia for her take and top tips for ensuring you have the best exercise mindset before hitting the gym.

My health and fitness journey really began when I fell pregnant with my daughter. As soon as I knew I was growing a baby, my thoughts towards my body and my health instantly changed. I had so much respect for my body and its capabilities that I wanted to do all that I could to ensure the baby and myself were as healthy as possible. I changed my diet and spent hours researching nutrition, health, fitness and wellbeing information to better our health. 

After I gave birth I started a regular exercise routine, training with my husband Sebastian and focusing on strengthening my body and getting back into shape. I was actually able to get in the best shape of my life post-pregnancy and this is when my passion for health, fitness and helping others really developed. 

I had achieved so much with my own body by using simple training methods and good nutrition and really wanted to share my knowledge with other women and help them feel as healthy, happy, fit, strong and confident as possible post-pregnancy.

As individuals, we are personally in control of the energy we attract and radiate. We have the choice to see the positive or negative side of everything in our life, but being positive doesn’t always come naturally, so like everything in life we have to work at it. It is always our aim to help people make the right choices and shift their mindset to eliminate negative thinking so they can feel great about themselves and be happier and healthier. Here are our top tips for creating a positive exercise mindset.
1. Success breeds success

As coaches, we have tried so many things to keep ourselves and our clients motivated and after years of experience, we have found one method that always works and that is to ensure positive training moral. By acknowledging and praising great performance in the gym, we are building self-confidence and the more confidence we have in our ability to achieve, the more we want to continue to succeed. 

Our favourite way of doing this is by setting strength goals; rather than focusing on fat loss goals which aren't very quickly visible. We motivate people by getting them strong, and as a result their bodies start to transform aesthetically too – it is far easier to add a kilogram or more of weight per week on the barbell, and successfully lift it, than it is to lose a kilogram of body fat on the scales per week. 

2. Take small steps

We know life can be busy but we definitely believe that any barriers to improving your health and well-being can be overcome by taking small manageable steps every day. Find exercise methods that you like to make the process easier and more enjoyable, so you can keep moving forward and achieve your goals.
3. Love and care for your body 

A well-nourished and rested body is happier, healthier and more equipped to perform to the best of its ability. Keep hydrated with water, eat healthy and nourishing foods and make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

4. Create positive energy when you exercise

Listen to uplifting music. Get an encouraging and supportive training partner. Workout outdoors; the sun, the air, the water are amazing energy boosters and will always make you feel better about working out.

5. Be aware of your self-talk 

Be more positive with the thoughts you have about yourself. Be grateful that you have a healthy and able body and focus on the things that you are good at.
6. Get organised! Plan your week in advance

Schedule and organise your training as you would a regular work meeting. No matter how you feel, if you're low on energy or having a bad day – JUST TURN UP. You will feel so much better once you have a completed a great workout. 

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